Well hey there, friend.

Hi, I’m Jen Johnson. Welcome to Choosing Kind. I’m a 44-year-old mom to four witty and rebellious and to be honest rather noisy humans spanning from toddler to teen, and wife to a pretty neat guy who is easy-on-the-eyeballs and equal parts manly man and domestic god and ABOVE ALL ELSE has made me belly laugh almost on the daily for the last two decades. Even during life’s hard, you guys. And I’m convinced this is the special sauce. Well, that and he does laundry LIKE A BOSS. That skill set is also at the foundation of a strong marriage. We live in a charming Midwestern college town with our favorite furry doods, Luna and George, the world’s largest SUV (I’m sorry, minivan. No it’s not you, it’s me. I just, can’t), an overworked Costco membership card, enough soccer gear to outfit the entire World Cup roster, and an infinite supply of sarcasm and dance parties and bear hugs.

We don’t get it right all the time. I REPEAT, we definitely DO NOT get it right all the time. We yell too much and swear when we probably shouldn’t and lose our shit over ridiculous things and we forget to give doubt our benefit and we make mountains out of molehills more than I’d care to admit. But, we also claw like craaaaazy to be present every day, to halt in our tracks and celebrate the moments and FORGIVE and cheer each other on and question the thoughts that hurt us and say NO WAY to fear and HECK YESSSS to love.

As an endeavoring benevolence practitioner and aspiring joy spreader and fellow mom/ parent/ friend/ daughter/ spouse/ sister/ human just fumbling through the everyday chaos, I bring you this tiny spec in the blogiverse to simply be an encourager.

To encourage that we step back from the commotion that is woven into so much of our existence and make way for the space that surrounds us to just BE. (It’s always there, patiently waiting for us). To encourage that we lean on this quiet space as a safe place to question our suffering and raise our awareness to the many MANY ways that fear steals from us. Because fear is darkness. It is eerie and disorienting and uncertain and it keeps us from seeing one another. It convinces us to run from each other. It wants us to hide and be afraid. It asks us to unknowingly CREATE suffering for others. Fear wants us to feel less than.

But, LOVE is like the brightest flashlight. And when we choose to turn it on, we cut through that darkness and we say: Ahhh yes, THERE YOU ARE. I see you. Can you see me, too? You seemed so scary to me until I turned on this light here. Come, stand closer. Tell me your story.

I am not alone. You aren’t, either.


This is Choosing Kind. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I hope you will make it this way again soon, friend.

Hugs & Highfives,


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